Routine Care
Nothing is more important than routine examinations and preventive medicine
for your pet. Your pet ages much faster than you, and yearly exams for your
pet are equivalent to you seeing the doctor every 5 to 7 years. South Bosque
recommends yearly check-ups for all its patients, and bi-annual checkups for
our senior patients (older than six years).   At these checkups, your pet will
receive a full physical exam that will aid in detecting any disease that may not
have been apparent.  Based on your pet's exam, our doctors will make
recommendations that may include vaccinations, stool testing for internal
parasites, heart worm testing, blood testing or a urinalysis.  Every year we
detect many disease processes in apparently "normal’" adult animals which help
us address problems in the early stages.  Early diagnosis and appropriate
treatments can result in your companion living a longer, healthier life.

Medical Care
Even with the best of preventative care, there may be times when your pet feels
"under the weather."  If so, a physical exam will be done as well as whatever
diagnostic procedures may be necessary. These diagnostic procedures may
include in-house blood testing, urinalysis and stool testing, radiographs,
ultrasound imaging, outside special lab testing,  electrocardiograms and blood
pressure evaluation.  Results from your pet's exam and diagnostic testing will
help the doctors tailor an individual treatment plan for your pet.  Treatment may
consist of medications to be given at home, or if more serious, may require your
pet to stay in our hospital.  Hospitalization may include administration of
intravenous fluids, injectable medications, or repeated diagnostic testing to
monitor their progress.  All hospitalized patients are monitored by our doctors
and trained staff and receive the best of care.  We allow scheduled visits for
hospitalized pets to help maintain a quiet and stress-free environment as they

Surgical Care
From elective surgeries such as spay, neuter, declaw, tail docking and dewclaw
removal, to exploratory, soft tissue, endoscopy, orthopedic surgeries and more,
your pet will receive the best surgical care possible.   All patients are given
complete exams prior to any anesthetic procedure.  Presurgical blood work is
highly recommended and many times required for our senior patients to ensure
ultimate safety in administering anesthesia.  All surgeries are  performed with
constant anesthetic monitoring by our trained technicians who measure and
record heart rate, respiration rate, and blood oxygen levels.  Your pets are also
monitored post-operatively through recovery. Pain management has come a
long way in veterinary medicine, and we use various medications to ensure the
comfort of your pet after surgery.

Dental Cleaning and Oral Surgery
Prophylactic dental care has become an important part in the overall care of our
pets.  Our veterinarians routinely do a dental examination as a part of your pet's
physical exam and can determine whether your pet is at risk for dental disease.   
Our dental cleanings include ultra-sonic scaling and polishing of all teeth,
periodontal pocket depth measurement, and finally, each individual tooth is
evaluated and charted for overall health.  Recommended treatments such as
fluoride treatment and application of OraVet barrier sealant can be selected
before your pet's dental cleaning to further ensure the lifelong health of their
teeth.  Many dental problems cannot be fully detected until the time of your
pet's teeth cleaning.  For pets requiring more in-depth dental work, our team has
extensive experience with oral surgery to improve the overall health of your pet.

Geriatric Care
A significant number of pets we see are senior citizens of the canine and feline
world.  We believe it is particularly important to monitor these pets routinely.
South Bosque recommends our senior patients receive bi-annual exams to
improve early detection in age-related diseases. Routine blood work and
urinalysis are also important since many problems can be caught early and,
therefore, treated in a timely manner. South Bosque has recently implemented
our Senior Health Wellness package.  This package includes full blood work,
chest radiographs, an electrocardiogram and a urinalysis to evaluate the entire
health of your pet.  These services are offered at a discounted combination rate
to encourage owners to help us detect age-related disease as early as possible.

Emergency Services
Daytime emergencies are available at the clinic during regular office hours.  For
after hour emergencies, please contact the Waco Animal Emergency Clinic at
(254) 752-6100
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